Agreement For Apprentice

The apprentice undertakes to do the work and take the corresponding courses. Start date: the date on which the apprentice must have signed the contract and received the DAS within 30 days of that date. You must sign a declaration of commitment with your intern and the training provider. Cost for apprentices: all costs incurred by the apprentice must be initial. Recognition for previous experiences: credits can be granted, but no more than 50% of the duration of the apprenticeship. Credit experience may be granted by the program sponsor, but must be approved before the expected completion date of the DAS: the date on which the apprentice completes the program and determines the traveller status (if a credit is granted for previous experiences, it must be taken into account when filling the completion date), the agreements may be submitted to An apprenticeship contract is an obligation signed between the apprentice and the employer or sponsor. Aggregate statistical information: The apprentice must provide DAS with his social security number, email address, date of birth, home phone number and check the corresponding boxes for gender, race, education and veteran status. Recognize rights and obligations: Apprentice and sponsor must work where they are indicated. All apprenticeship contracts must be submitted by e-mail within 30 days of the start of the learning period and must be accompanied by school information, a passport image and an online payment worth $35 via the online payment system of the Laboratory Standards Department:

Sponsor of the program: name of the company or union that sponsors the apprentice. Confirm receipt of das manual: Download a learning data manual. Apprentices are in the original school. Union signature: if the sponsor of the programme is part of a union, the union must also sign an agreement. Trade: a trade for which the apprentice records the number of hours per day/week/overtime: the apprentice at the university works one day, more than a week, and what the overtime rate will be for the hours worked during the normal week.

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