Asymmetry Agreement

Companies that have a more concrete understanding of their resources can use this information to measure their advantage over their competitors. [41] In the 2013 study by Ozeml, Reuer and Gulati, they found that “different information” was an additional source of information asymmetry in venture capital and alliance networks; When different team members bring varied, specialized knowledge, values, and perspectives to a common strategic decision event, the lack of seamless information sharing among members leads to ineffective decision-making. [42] Contractual asymmetry (Law & Economics, Common Law) [De.: Contrat Asymmetry, Fr.: asymmetry of the contract, Gr.: Ασυμεετρία σσηs] (See also: contract theory, agent theory, information asymmetry, information economy, incomplete contracts) = the unequal bargaining power of the parties when one of the parties is better informed than the other. .

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