Binding Financial Agreement And Stamp Duty

The sealed court order or financial agreement must be as follows: the transfer tax is not levied on the transfer of goods subject to the duty obligation in the ACT where the transfer is made under a binding financial agreement in accordance with sections 90UB, 90UC or 90UD of the Family Law Act 1975 (Cwlth), which is: Office of State Revenue For transfer duty self assessment queries: Do you have a transaction (e.g.B. transfer) that is done in accordance with a financial agreement? The instrument is not released under section 424 of the Duties Act, since the parties to the recognized agreement have not cohabited for at least 2 years. This deed must be taxed on the transferable value of the entire property. If you and your partner have some sort of agreement on sharing the property between you, this is a good start….

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