City Of Charles Sturt Enterprise Agreement

The Ombudsman investigated a case brought by the independent anti-corruption commissioner concerning the behaviour of the former CEO of the city of Onkaparinga. The allegations related to the CEO`s participation in a conference in Brisbane in October 2016 on the partial costs of a corporate software company. At the time of the conference, the city council questioned whether it should buy company software marketed by the company. The investigation concluded that the company`s acceptance of the donation of conference registration, hotel accommodation and partial reimbursement of travel expenses by the company was contrary to the code of conduct that existed at the time for Council employees. In this regard, the Ombudsman found that a fair lay observer could reasonably have recognized that the gift accepted by the CEO should influence how he would carry out his public duty. The Ombudsman found that the violation of the code of conduct committed by the CEO constituted a fault in the public administration and was also contrary to the law within the meaning of the Ombudsman Act 1972. March 2016: Walkerville City Corporation – Violation of the Council Code of Conduct The Ombudsman investigated a complaint accusing a Council member of violating the Local Government Act and the Council members` code of conduct. It was found that the Member of the Council did not violate the Local Government Act and/or the Code of Conduct because she was not performing her duties as an elected member; she has personally acted as a resident/business owner. The Ombudsman`s investigation concerned the decision of The Coober Pedy District Council to enter into a $198 million power purchase agreement with a private supplier, Energy Generation Pty Ltd, in the absence of a tendering process, as well as certain measures taken by the Ministry of State Development and the former Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy who subsidized the Council with respect to its obligations under the agreement.

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