Custody Agreement For 1 Year Old

Half the time, these grandfathers don`t even have a fair chance! If they could, many of them would have carried the baby, that`s just not the way science works. My son-in-law is now 29 months old, I`ve been in his life since he was 10m old. His father, as a parent, is far superior to the mother, but he only got 25% custody at first (oh, but now we have 60%). From the beginning, this little boy longed for his father, but these are not the things that judges and intermediaries see. They read a piece of paper and make terrible decisions based on hearsay and sympathy for a crying mother. Science should not determine the best parent. It`s really sad. Below I will set out some of my own ideas on this very important and, it seems, increasingly controversial topic. But first, I`d like to invite readers to share their experience about what works for you and what doesn`t; On the custody arrangements you have chosen for your own very young children and on the schedules that have been imposed on you by a court, an ex, whoever it is.

For many years, attachment theory has been used by family law experts to reinforce the importance of a child`s attachment to a primary reference person. This often meant committing to a very small number of separations between them, making it difficult to develop and support relationships between an infant and their non-guardian parent. I totally agree that with childhood and many other factors, having a secondary “character” does not matter. ASW. If this “character” is someone who is clearly harmful. Courts in some states like NV would unvernowingly give a “second figure” 50% custody of a child who does not even know that he is a “separate entity” from the mother until the age of one year. The court system doesn`t see your child as anything other than a first-class piece of meat. The system will not stay in business if they do NOT push you to “fight for your rights”.

As the main character who was pregnant, who gave birth to the child and raised every day of his life, I spent another 14,000 and 10,000 if I wanted my child. My child, now psychologically and emotionally wounded. The “secondary” character? Negligence and abusively and obtained by lawyers, judges and the whole system for all the $ a standing O that it makes them “fight for his rights”. . . .

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