Land Management Agreements South Australia

Explore the map of all land management agreements in place throughout Southern Australia or purchase a copy of SAILIS. (9) An agreement under this Division may establish that planning rights have been transferred from the lands in accordance with a master plan. Since the introduction of the Native Vegetation Heritage Agreement in 1980, more than 2800 landowners have agreed to provide long-term protection for more than one million hectares of the state`s native vegetation. 3. The Minister, a greenway authority or a council is authorized to carry out on private lands all the work provided for in this Division by agreement. To benefit from these grants, you must first be a landowner of the heritage agreement. Find out if you have the right to enter into an agreement. A Land Management Agreement (LMA) contains rules relating to the development, management, conservation or conservation of land. (10) An agreement under this Division may provide for the remission of rates or taxes on the country, but unless otherwise provided, such an agreement does not affect a landowner`s obligations under another Act.

(2a) The Minister or a council must, when considering whether to enter into an agreement under this section concerning land development, and whether such an agreement is to be concluded, when considering the terms of the agreement – the country protected by a cultural heritage agreement, you must take into account an important accompaniment of the natural character of the State. Therefore, the land is assessed differently under the Heritage Agreement as recognition of its state of conservation. Large grants help to achieve large-scale conservation results, create corridors and connections between private nature reserves, or achieve conservation results on large land parcels. These significant grants will also encourage the inclusion of several cultural heritage agreements in one grant. The South Australian Property and Planning Atlas (SAPPA), formerly known as the Property Location Browser, is a free map-based application. You can use it to indicate the boundaries of the fonal administration and obtain information on land ownership, including: (a) the country consists of a greenway or part of a greenway for which the Authority is responsible; or sustainable land management is cultivating land without harming ecological processes or reducing biodiversity. . . .

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