Reach A Contract Agreement

The workers` union and Nathan Littauer agreed on a contract after about 19 years after Fadale took office at the head of the hospital and nursing home after the resignation of former president and CEO Laurence Kelly in October. To make a win/deal/agreement, etc., Giant Food is proud to have successfully negotiated more than 30 collective agreements with UFCW over the past 20 years. The contractual terms that have yet to be ratified have not been made public. “Thank you to SUN and SAHO Inc. for their joint efforts and commitment to reaching this interim agreement.” Contract negotiations began in August 2019 after the previous four-year contract, in effect from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2019, expired. Union members described the contract negotiations as “controversial” earlier this year and finally developed their frustration at stalled billboard negotiations and picketing outside the hospital in June. “We reached an agreement at a critical moment,” Said Nathan Littauer, President and CEO of Sean Fadale, in a prepared statement. “As the holidays approach, I want the municipality to know that it is in good hands with Nathan Littauer. We are pleased to have reached an agreement so that we can continue to focus on the future of the organization. As this treaty shows, we are a community hospital focused on unity and compassion. We strive to be fair to all employees so that we can provide patient care.

The last contract between the parties expired on March 31, 2018. The agreement gives full-time workers an average pay increase of 8% in the first year, according to the union. Hourly workers in the visitor service and in the museum store, who are mainly part-time workers, receive an average of 15% more; Wage increases of 3% are granted in subsequent years. The contract also provides for a new four-class classification system for full-time workers with a minimum wage of between $46,000 and $68,500, the union said. Read also: Preliminary Agreement for 11,500 Health Care Workers in Saskatchewan After six months of negotiations and a threat of strike action, the New Museum and the union representing their employees have agreed on a five-year contract calling for pay rises, higher pay and health cost reductions, as announced by the union today. “This agreement honours our staff and the mission of the organization. Looking ahead, we are working on a common goal: a strong workforce coupled with excellent clinical outcomes to protect our community,” said Nathan Littauer, Vice President of Human Resources Lana E. Wydra.

As we face a wave of COVID-19s in our community, I am proud of this result.┬áThe contractual wage increases contained in the agreement are expected to strengthen the recruitment and engagement efforts that union members described during the negotiations as problems for the hospital and nursing home, due to uncompetitive salaries, which contributed to staff shortages and, consequently, mandatory overtime, further complied with recruitment and engagement efforts. “The museum made a strong offer this summer and in recent months the two sides have come together to reach a consensus,” he said. “This new contract will benefit museum staff and set new standards for institutions of our size.” (A total of 87 employees are represented by the union in professional and technical staff positions.) The Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN) and the Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations (SAHO) have reached an interim agreement.

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