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Bearr acuda


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About Us

A safe and inclusive space for furry friends and their admirers.

Launched in San Francisco in 2006, our party has grown to become one of the most prolific gay dance events.

We’re known for our welcoming atmosphere, electric energy, diverse lineup of performers and entertainment, and celebration body positivity. We provide a safe and fun space to socialize and have a good time. Everyone is welcome!

Come dance, hang out, connect with old friends, and meet new ones—join us!

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Upcoming Events

Denver PRIDE

June 22, 2024

Seattle PRIDE

June 28, 2024

San Francisco

June 28, 2024


June 29, 2024

Portland PRIDE

July 19, 2024


August 24, 2024


August 30, 2024

FLSM🪩Horse Meat Disco

September 27, 2024

What partygoers

"I went to a bear bar called the Deco Lounge. I couldn’t pass up a party called “Bearracuda.” I also went because I was starving and if you hang with bears you know you’re gonna eat. You know they are gonna have a bread bowl with spinach artichoke dip or at least a baked brie, bitch!"
Margaret Cho
San Francisco, CA | 2008

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Bearracuda has helped to create a sense of community for bears and their admirers for almost two decades. We proudly continue to provide a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQ+ people to socialize and connect. Like or follow us on our social media accounts or sign up to subscribe to our mailing list!